Quality Standard with Service mind

ขวดแก้วบรรจุยาฉีด (glass vial)


KAEOSARAPATNUEK INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. (KSN) The leading companies in thailand that produces Clear and Amber Injection Glass Vial Bottle from Glass Tube made to order by customer. We made all production step with quality control and deliver on time.To creat a reliability of the production that lead to the target and objective fullfillment for customer.

Injection Glass Vial

Quality Standard with service mind

Quality : Production Quality Control
Standard : All products are manufacturing with standard glass vial industrial
Service mind : One Stop Service for Injection Glass Vial Botton and closures from partner

KSN produces injection glass vial from glass tubes any size by modern industrial standard matchine from Europe. The KSN make service mind support, provide One Stop service, to order rubber and aluminum closures for injections vial from partner to Customer.

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Production Quality Control

All Injection glass vial QC pass garantee
reliability with quality products

We random every half-hour test from line production, test height, width, thickness and strain viewer with TSI 503-2547 standard All glass vial not pass QC will be crushed and destroy can't be reuse

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